GECAS offers the broadest range of lease and financing options, covering aircraft, engines and helicopters. As well as our own fleet of aircraft and helicopters, we provide asset servicing to investors, engine leases and materials/components for lease or purchase.

There is no one size fits all. That’s why, in addition to our core commercial aircraft leasing operation, GECAS extended offerings include solutions provided by our business platforms. To find the specific fit for every need, our expert teams will create tailored solutions for your business.

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Narrowbody & Widebody Aircraft

The core of the GECAS portfolio is our fleet of passenger aircraft, which includes fuel-efficient narrowbody and widebody aircraft by Boeing and Airbus, from 120 to 400 seats. GECAS has over 340 aircraft on order, including 737 MAX, A320neo and 787, to serve customer demand for growth and fleet modernization.

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Regional Jets & Turboprops

To meet the demands of customers serving thinner routes, regional communities and feeding hubs, GECAS offers a range of 50 to 120 seat regional jet and turboprop aircraft from Bombardier, Embraer and ATR.

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Cargo Aircraft

GECAS Cargo offers both narrowbody and widebody freighters for lease, plus has a B737-800 cargo conversion prgram with both Boeing and AEI to provide our customers with the most modern freighter equipment.

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Financial Solutions

Operating Leases

From short-term to long term leases with aircraft configured to your airline’s specific brand standard, GECAS operating leases provide airlines the fleet flexibility to better manage through business cycles, eliminate residual value and asset disposal risk, and preserve your working capital.

Sale Leasebacks

Through short- or long-term asset sale leasebacks (SLBs), GECAS can buy your aircraft or engine and seamlessly lease it back to you for an agreed term, releasing equity for other business needs and eliminating residual value risk. We also provide pre-delivery payment (PDP) financing.

Aircraft Engines

GECAS Engines is the world's leading engine leasing business, supporting airlines and investors with the lease, purchase and financing of engines from GE, CFM, IAE, Rolls Royce and Pratt & Whitney through long- or short-term leases and loans, exchanges and servicing.

Engine Related AOG & Urgent Assistance

Asset Trading & Servicing

Serving the global aviation investor community, GECAS offers operators and investors the opportunity to purchase individual and aircraft portfolios, with or without existing leases attached. Aircraft are an attractive investment asset class but require expertise in keeping them on-lease. GECAS can structure transactions to provide such lease servicing to institutional investors.


Among the world's largest distributors of aftermarket components, equipment and services, GECAS Materials provides comprehensive solutions for your supply chain. It also acquires aircraft and engines for part-out as well as parts inventories through purchase or consignment.
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Milestone, a GECAS Company, is the world's leading helicopter lessor, with the largest civilian helicopter fleet and a suite of leasing and debt solutions. Milestone provides financing options to operators in the offshore oil & gas industries, search & rescue, EMS, police surveillance, mining and other utility missions. Its fleet includes Leonardo, Airbus, Bell and Sikorsky helicopters.

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