GECAS Materials has several open RFPs on a variety of different products. Register for any number of events that may interest you. You can review our currently open RFPs here. Feel free to sign up for our mailing list on all future RFPs under the “Preregister” button on the same page.

We are currently offering:

Two Separate Lots of Inventory – 777 and 737NG

Four CFM56-5A ESNs

Two A320 Airframes MSN 255 & 265

If you have any interest in our current RFPs, or any other of our products and services, please contact us:

US: +1 901-362-8600     EMEA: +44-208-185-2930     APAC: +65-632-63292    24/7 AOG: 901-362-8600 | |