Singapore’s East Coast Park is a beach and a park encompassing Marine Parade, Bedok and Tampines, along the southeastern coast of Singapore. Since its opening in the 1970s after the government had completed reclaiming land off the coast at Katong, which extends from Changi to Kallang, the urban getaway has offered a range of activities including cycling, walking, informal dining and recreation.

While typically maintained to a standard that receives accolades as one of the best — and the most popular — beaches in all of Singapore, fewer contractors have been tending to the grounds amid the COVID pandemic. Unfortunately, restrictions in Singapore during the pandemic also make East Coast Park among the few places people can go out and enjoy (albeit in groups of no more than five people).

Now that monsoon season has caused the litter and debris of faraway places to wash ashore, the park is barely recognizable as the coastal treasure it has become so well known for.

That’s why a group from GECAS’ Singapore team including Moushumi Kirtania, Lilla Nyisalovits, Keiko Ohara, and Evan Plank and his wife Misao gathered at half past 7 in the morning to put to work.

While accommodating the limitation on the size of gatherings and prepared with face masks, trash bags and grab sticks, the determined group set to work. Over the course of 90 minutes, the team managed to clear litter from a good portion of the beach prior to the day’s heat reaching excessive levels.

“This park is our only place to enjoy during the lock down,” explains Keiko, “and we wanted to do something at the park so that we and others can continue to enjoy it. Actually, we all enjoyed the clean-up as well – it was great fun!”

With the success of today’s event, the GECAS team intend involve other GECAS colleagues, in groups no larger than five, to return and continue the effort.