GECAS Materials announces its most recent addition to inventory. The GE-powered, 777-300ER, formerly operated by Jet Airways, landed at our dismantlement facility in Greenwood, MS, and is being prepared for the teardown process. “This aircraft is adding the youngest vintage to an already extensive inventory of this aircraft type” says Aimee Craig, Director of Inventory Management adding, “The -300ER has rotables unique to its application. We have a healthy stock from previous 777-200 teardowns and this new addition helps to round out our product offering.”

Our Greenwood Team took this great video of the aircraft landing at our dismantlement facility:

The newest acquisition is creating buzz around the office. Stefan Haynes, Global Commercial Leader, had his take: “We pride ourselves on being one of the first to market on various platform types for used-serviceable material. Our latest acquisition is no exception and is one of our most exciting. Looking forward to supporting our customers across the globe!”

Last Operator : Jet Airways

Engine Type: GE90-115BL

MSN 35161

If you have any interest in 777-300ER components, or any other aircraft type, please contact us:

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